The Building


1913-1936: Singletary and Whiddon

The location of this building was originally a wagon yard, run by J.P. Folkes. Folkes was one of Dothan's earliest settlers. In 1913, William Singletary and A.D. Whiddon opened a farm supply store on the property. In 1923, Singletary and Whiddon built what we can see today. A large 3 story brick storefront was home to Singletary and Whiddon's "International Line of Farm Machinery." Singletary and Whiddon dissolved in 1936. Singletary, with the help of his nephew Archie Carmichael, opened a new store inside the old farm supply building.


1936-2016: Carmichael Wholesale

Shortly after the farm supply company dissolved, the Carmichael building started to house electronics. This electronics store served the Wiregrass for quite some time. Many of those who have been working on the building, since 2016, recall the building's operations as an electronic store and reminisce of coming to buy batteries or get electronics repaired. The facade of the building remained largely untouched, except for the removal of the second storefront and the overhead awning.



Largely unused, the building was in dire need of repairs. Darrin and Gina Swan purchased the building and began renovations. A few relics from the buildings' past have appeared from out of the hundred years of dust and debris and will be on display in MCCC. 

Most Recently

The Rehab & Re-Purposing of a Downtown Dothan Landmark


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