About Us



We've Traveled Far & Wide for Coffee & Tea

 We know you're ready, like we were, to have at your fingertips what we've only been able to experience when traveling to other cities.

 We longed to have a place to "be" right here in Dothan, that exuded the cool vibes of Chicago, Birmingham and other cities that have embraced the remnants of their past. We love how it feels to be in those beautiful, old buildings. 

As if it couldn't get any better, within exposed brick walls and under 100+ year old beams, we found specialty crafted coffee, roasted on site and freshly brewed; deliciousness only experienced at local roasteries and specialty shops, with a vibe that only an old building can deliver. 


And Decided It Was Time

Time to bring home the best of the coffee and tea experiences we've enjoyed at independent roasteries and cafes all over the world.

We wanted -needed- a "third place" coffee & tea experience locally. We couldn't find it here so we created it. Here. Within our old brick walls. Under our massive, exposed beams. Right here. In Dothan. 


 So We're Creating It Here

 MCCC features the highest quality, specialty grade coffee roasted right here on site. In your sight. And our state of the art roaster is a sight to behold.

 Artisan, whole-leaf teas, and locally procured edibles. Lounging areas, gathering areas, be-by-yourself areas. Hot, cold, trending and good 'ol favorites. Inside or outside. Now, then; retro, cutting edge; books and art; samples, sips, learning and doing.

We've surrounded ourselves with quirky things we love and think you will too; comfortable, retro, new, old, interesting, beautiful, strange, tech, funky, delish.

Did we mention the fireplace? We might be in L.A., but who doesn't want to curl up with a cappuccino in front of a crackling fire exuding from an authentic 70's Malm fireplace? And yes, this old girl does have a working 1923 freight elevator. The powers that be won't let us give you rides in it, but it's still cool.

Come visit us, see what we've "brought home" for yourself. We're sure we've spoken to that weary traveler in you from somewhere inside these beautiful brick walls.